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Defend Affordable SHots – DASH - is the Advocacy Council of ACAAI’s mantra as we continue to fight for our patients and the future of our specialty. While we’re very pleased with the results of our advocacy with USP that resulted in less stringent allergy compounding requirements, that issue is only “napping.” As soon as USP decides to update Chapter <797>, we’ll be fighting again for your rights to continue preparing allergenic extract in your offices. There’s no time for us to stand down.

While we continue to monitor compounding, narrow networks and surprise billing are just as big a threat to our practices and specialty. Carriers are terminating provider agreements without cause. The list of issues grows longer, and we need to continue to defend the allergy specialty! It takes a lot of resources to continue this fight; huge amounts of time and effort go into battling these issues. It is often necessary to meet with medical directors, consult with legal advisors and travel – all are expenditures beyond our typical operating budget.

We need to continue to Defend Allergy SHots (DASH). We need your support. We’ve got to act now, and we’ve got to act together. You can help us TODAY by making a contribution.

Help us fight for our patients.
Help us fight for the future of our specialty.
Defend Affordable Shots

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